Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Cover Up??

Now whats going on in the city of lights. For all of you out there who read Dan Brown's The Davinci's Code might find this interesting makes one wonder, I swear after reading that book, you see the signs every where!

Also, the numbers on my floor are really getting low, there are only 5 of us left now, I feel so all alone, studying well I might add as well as packing, I think I might have cut the crap down this year. Wont the parental units be pleased.

For all of you back home in la la land, ohhhh are you lucky, mind you I got to talk to G today seems like we are going to be getting new winders on this side of the Crap Hall. About freaking time.

Went to Stereo over the weekend, which is an after hours club thing, meh not really my sorta thing, gosh my knees hurt, I think I might be getting ass ritus as my grandfather likes to call it.

Went to talk to Supervisor today about research project, looks like it is a go, also he ran into some one from home, which just shows what a small world we live in, err not, as the Food Industry is small enough as it is, especially in Canada, but what ever.

Called Bell today to get my phone "suspended" which means I will for once have the same phone number, and will save a whopping $5 on installation. But my service today, OVER the top nice, and chatty too, " oh you're from NB, that's why you sound different, I've a brother there, he loves it there, really nice people" That's right all we people who come from the Maritimes are super nice and have a funny accent. greaat.
I mean dont get me wrong I'd rather have the super nice than the mean, but when they call me Miss Flan, I can't help but laugh, I have been cursed by a difficult name, which really shouldn't be that hard to pronounce.

Right, what I would do for a Guinness right about now, ahhh, God Bless me Da, I know he's got the mini stocked with them waiting for my return.


Friday, April 23, 2004

All By Myself

Well it's been over a week since my last update, and I have gotten though 3 major exams, and I am now just waiting for my last one on the 29th. My brain has now gone back to its normal size. It's beautiful out side and I am starving, trying to finish all my food before I go. I think that I might have to break down and actually buy something.
I am thinking of making a donation to the library one day, better chairs, or somthing along that line.
I am going to Stereo this weekend, a little nervous/worried as I don't know too many people, but it sounds fun.
Finally went to Chez Cora's for was nice.
Nothing really too interesting to say,

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

AHHH I Can't Avoid Noise

I have given up all hope in finding a quite place to study. And ewwww, I am in the library right now in the small computer room, and some one just passed some major gas, it REEKS in here, secondly l came here for some nice quite time to study, it's driving me nuts, but from some where I can hear crazy ass rock music blaring, scary thing was I was able to recognize some of it, I think it was Queens of the Stone Age but I'm not too sure, and I have looked all over the place to find it, but I can't it sounds like it is coming through the walls, I think it might be from the labs that are in the basement.

I just hope this wont continue.

I will do a weekend update later on, I just wanted to warn y'all avoid the computer room in the library when there is a bad smell stays a while, I gotta leave~~

Sunday, April 11, 2004

Happy Easter

A very Happy Easter everyone.

In the mist of studying for finals, I have camped out in the library and can be reached there if you need me. It's really nice out today, Lil S and I went to church this am, thank you for letting me go with you. Am not feeling well, that ache and pain you get prior to the flu would best describe my conditions. Drinking lots of tea, green tea thanks to Dawn. Also getting lots of Vit C from my OJ and sweet potatos mmm
Made some excellent brownies a few nights ago, mmm chocolate.
Congrats to Jen for making it through lent sans junk food! Bravo.
Went to the last Ceildh on Thurs. it was DEAD, talked to some, well more so listened to a guy that had the gift of gab, goodness gracious.

Wow I have had >100 visitors here, yea lol wondering how many of them are actually me, lol
Ok I've got to finish laundry and then off to la biblio.

Tuesday, April 06, 2004


Good Luck everyone on your finals, I have faith in all of ya!

I made sum interesting dumplings today, but I think I ate a bit too many of them. I can't beleive that there are only 4 more days of classes left, this is my last Winter term here in Montreal, then I'M OUTTA HERE!! mm can you hear the excitment in that caps shout?! I sure hope so because I mean it.

It snowed the other night, snow in April, after it had all gone away, sigh oh well that's what you get for living in Canada, well east coast of Canada.

Found a great radio station online, Radio 1 from the BBC, it's really quite neat because you can pick the show you want to listen to or you can listen to the live show, so if they had a show on while you were asleep but want to listen to it now, well ya can. Neat eh?

Had a fun time at the bday party last weekend, mm speaking of bdays some one's is coming up. That's right I'm talking about you Ms Queen of Falling ;)

Ok Must get some studying done to night, oh another acomplishment, got most of my dishes done round of applause thank you thank you, I couldn't have done it with out my soap, and sponge and towel, oh and the sink, you like me you really like me

Saturday, April 03, 2004

Cooking With Mida

That's right, I want to have a cooking show, I think it would be great. I have a catch phrase too, "Flip it and Reverse it" when ever you have to filp somthing thing. hun? hun? Classic, watch out Jamie Oliver, and those other TV Cooks, I'm a coming. And we could have themes, how great would that be and with my Food Science backround, I could have food industry features!!

So Yea, thats that, going DT for a BDAY dinner, should be interesting, I mean fun. ruuuight