Sunday, May 23, 2004

June 28

GO out and Vote people that's all I can say

Stupid ATV/CTV

So there I was, sitting with my blueberry orange smoothie in one hand, a vorrtmann no Trans cookie in the other, egerly waiting for the Alais season finale, when what do I see but another stupid American Idol program about the show itself, enough of the spin off things, Fox has enough to show, now I have to wait till 10 to watch it, gerrr arggg

Thursday, May 20, 2004

My Life at Home

I baisically get up early, get ready for work, go to work come home around 5 eat dinner watch the news go for a walk and then some more tv and then bed, the whole thing repeats itself. And when I do get home, I;m just so dang gosh tired.
Went to Halifax for my final checkup and it went great, i dont have to go back, and my jaw looks fantastic, very pleased with this
ok think i might go to sleep on the key board have to get up and do somthing

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Home Sweet Home

The land of the flip flop free shower, the ease of doing your laundry and not having to find a $5.00 bill, because the machine doesn't accept coins, mom's cooking, the dishwasher, my bed, my room, my stuff....ahhh bliss
Also have been at work now for 3 days, amazing thing a potato,
And I got to drive today, it was wonderful, now if it would only warm up and the sun would come out that's all I ask for, that and great weekends
more detail and interesting stuff
hope all are well, did fine on exams and are enjoying the break