Friday, January 30, 2004

One more thing

For all you out there in la la land, just a little note about somthing Steph found which is just too ironic
while typing in this address thinking it was for my blog:

Now for those of you who have attended "Sunday School" with Mida shall get a laugh out of this,

TWIGS for dinner

So let me see where to begin. I find it strange that only a month has gone by ( well almost) and I have a mid term on Tuesday as well as my seminar, what a difference from last term being last to go. All I can say is I have a feast prepared, mmmm cake and pizza, you really can't go wrong with that.

Again the evil cold wind was agaisnt the poor student as she walked into Ste Annes for dinner to catch up with an old friend from the begining of uni. It was odd, how much time has passed oh well. The soup I will say this was AMAZING now that I have had "real" food again, I might start *gasp* shall I dare say it, but cook again.

I know I know after doing all those dishes to start again. I have determined that I have enough dished to get me through 2 weeks with out having to wash a plate or well anything. Mind you I did rinse them all well, and stored them under the counter. But I have 14 forks/knives, and by planning my meals well yea. However I had a shit load of washing to do, and that will not be repeated.

I have slaged off on going to the gym this week, as I feel like the worst possible kind of crap, as soon as one thing gets better something else is sick.

Tonight they all went out with out me, which is ok, I hope y'all had fun, did you pick the DIPS up? Casino night, not one of my Favs. Well I'm just not a gambler, I just like hitting the table in black jack and saying hit me, I usually get over 21.

Good Luck S with your Final tomorrow, just think a whole weekend at home, only 23 days till I go home and 28 till my mouth is free.

Ok I should try and sleep seeing as I didn't get to bed until 4am today

Wednesday, January 28, 2004


this is just a test I want to see if it works

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Ahhh Food

it's amazing the craziness that people do when trying to get onto the provigo bus. by now you might think they could get into a line. nope.

but we got there none the less. but I did get a lot of great stuff for my seminar. Lots of McCain things, so I it should be good. If there are any left overs I shall bring them back.

It is still hard to talk, I might as well just be a mime.

Other than that another uneventful day ;)

back to school notes

oh its still cold as heck out there

Monday, January 26, 2004

"Why Does it always rain on me?

Is it because I lied when I was 17? "- Travis. I was just re listening to an old CD from HS. It's nice to be reaquanted to your memories from days gone by.
What a weekend was had. Junk Fest 2004 was a Major success, i dont think we could have eaten any more, I am now just hungry. It was really great of Angela for having us over. What a nice change it was, and we went to the Casio de Montreal, which I have never been to before and had my all time fav thing, BRUNCH BUFFET....mmmmmm talk about good food. And then we got a drive back from Ange's Dad, so no bus, ohh and I forgot to mention Micky D's for dinner, mmmm some times I just crave a Big mac. However I might go back and get the Happy Meal as it was Play Dough and Lilo and Stich. Talk about a good movie.

Things downtown were great today, I went into Winners and just looked arround, I really like the new suits at Jacob. Might now have to get some later on if I do that thing, Ms. Dunn-FLanagan, but the kids could call me Ms DF.

Talk about COLD still, and I have a killer sore throat, as well as a well too many canker sores, so if I sounds funny, it's bc it just hurts to talk right now, I am not pissed off at ya. ;)

I am getting really excited about this whole teach thing, oh so there are some pictures that I am trying to up load so there should be a link up soon (fingers crossed)

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

To Teach or not to Teach that is the question

Steph has shown me an interesting web site about getting your teachers degree abroad in ENGLAND amoung other places. Check the site out here the thing is I'm not too sure about the whole thing, it just might be my wanting to go over there, why this obsession with that country (lets face it, that is what it is) I have no idea,
THere for my question for you, mu loyal blog readers, could you picture me as a teacher? Do you think you could teach?

Sunday, January 18, 2004


Ok one word, and it;s more like a sound, yummmmmmmmm
It was really good. However if we do ever go again, maybe sleep in a little later!! And I will one day master the CHOPSTICKS. It is my goal in life, I almost was able to do it today but I had to fall back on to the ole faithful, de fork.
Learned a new word also, Dan tat, I think that;s how it would be spelled who knows, but those are the beloved egg tarts that well just YUM.

Ok TIREd must get to bed,
Had fun

Saturday, January 17, 2004

Another Weekend

That's right another weekend, I still feel like I am on vacation, enjoy it while it last is my motto de jour. Went to the gym today with Coach Maxi Padman. No doubt will be in much pain tomorrow, but just keep that goal in mind.... EGG TARTS.
I need to find a life, mmmm dim sum, I am really looking forward to tomorrow. mmmmm Good food, and those little buns mmmm
ok I should go eat

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

I'm Cold, So very Cold

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHANNON -- The Big 21, going on 3 tee hee. Had a lot of fun last night, but we always seem to have fun on your birthday!! (even tho it always seems to be the coldest day of the year!!)

Today I had an FSA meeting, enough said, I wasn't quite awake and well it shall get better I know it will, we all seem to be dedicated people, all working for the same goal, promoting Food Science.

As for the cold, its frickin freezzzzzing out there, with the wind it's going to be -41 degrees C. That means many layers of clothes to stay warm downtown.

Classes are going well, I think we have all survived the last Thursday night exhibition, hopefully we wont have a repeat of that ever AGAIN.

The video shall never be leaked I think, hwever I must agree with Jen, my whistling is very funny.

I amaze myself some times.

So stay warm out there people


Saturday, January 10, 2004

Back to School

That's right, school is now in session, I just thought there should be a little update.
Classes are going well, I am getting really good at tapping out the beat.
One day till ALIAS can't wait
Thursday, we'll I guess deep down I am bipolar, those of you who know what I mean know what i mean.
I spent the morning doing my dishes today, I figure that since they have been in my locker for most of the month not being used, I should give them all a good wash. Start the year clean!!

I have to go bring S back the A section


Saturday, January 03, 2004

New Year, New Term, New Me??

Well tonight is my last night home for a little while, we leave tomorrow and will hopefully have clear roads all the way to the island.
There is so much that I still have to get done, and to top it all off, the Boss is taking all of the PPTC (Potato Processing Technology Center) out for dinner at the swanky Sheriff Winslow house, I plan on getting the steak, mmmm should be good, I can't wait, from now untill 6 I shall not eat as to have maximum eatage tonight, is eatage even a word I wonder?

I also still have to pack, and then thankfully I dont have class on Monday untill 2:30 downtown, I can't beleive how nervous I am, I'll be like the country mouse in the city.

Right must go help pack the tree up.

Get ready for the big BEACH PARTY at the Ceildh, woot, Vanilla vodka and OJ dont forget your leis

I'm out the kettle is blowing