Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Happy New Year

Yup thats it, hope y'all have a great new year, I'm going to turn it in early tonight I think.

Aside from that, I do have some good news, not only do I get to come back to school or back to my life, I also get a drive!! Yea no creppy bus for me. My dad has a business meeting on Monday

So I'll see you all next year, be safe

Thursday, December 25, 2003

Merry Christmas

Happy Christmas everyone, I hope you all are enjoying yourselves. We went to the 11pm service last night, was a bit sad seeing as it was Chris' last Xmas service with us. Got home at mid night, and finished wrapping gifties, then went to bed. We got up now here is the shocker I think, at 11:30, thats right 11:30 long gone are the days where you are up at 6 and have to wait until 8, when you can go wake up your parents to go down and open the presents. I have to say I could have slept longer.
It was a great year, I got a really nice pair of earrings in a special little blue box, and the other really great gift, I got a LITE BRITE. When I was little I really wanted one, but with all the small pieces and having 2 little brothers, alas I never got one, but boy did Santa make up for lost time. I have already made the Mr. Potato head lite brite, its really cool and just as much fun as I thought it would be.
We got a whole bunch of movies, we watched the new extened version of LOTR:TT, and we are going tomorrow to see ROTK. Which should be good, as I have just found my earplugs to wear. My mom and I went to see Mona Lisa Smile last week and the wall kept shaking, LOTR was playing next door, and was that loud.

Monday, December 22, 2003

Happy Birthday J Unit

yup Happy belated B day to the J Unit, all the best and many happy returns of the day to you.
I have to get to bed this is a short one only 1.5 days of work left this week YEAH

Saturday, December 20, 2003

Home sweet home blues

its been a little over a week and i've got them, well the title as mentioned, but tomorrow will try and change them, I dont know my parents just seem so tired, I think my dad is working to much, my brother is being a jerk, and then there are the rest of us caught in the middle
ahhhhh frustrating

congrats to the newly adopted childern

Monday, December 15, 2003


It's that wonderous white stuff, and there is so much out there that I went to work this am with my dad, the roads were a mess I think the plow might have been over them once?! I hear that the TCH is a mess. Then the boss called in and said if you wanted to go home, you could. I found some one who would give me a ride home into Flo, then the boss called again, said there was a change of plans, I though for sure he was going to say, nope, dont go home, stay and work, but no he was all GO HOME. It is really bad out there, so its not even 10 yet and I've put in a good day of work, I had a coffee chated with the co workers then came home, if only every day was like that ;)
Just want to say Good Luck to Jen today, she has an exam I beleive, I saw an add on TLC and this is not a good thing. Starting in Janurary on TLC all our fav shows are going to be on, are you ready WEDNESDAY, oh I hope that they will still be on the weekend some time, but WEDNESDAY that means What not to wear, and Date Patrol are both on WED and we had it all nicely spread out, this is not fair.

Went to Fredericton on the weekend, saw a play, went back to some friends of my parents house, had some beer and food, always a good thing, It still seems weird when your mom or dad askes, do you want a beer?! But then when I think about it, nahh its kinda normal in my house, lol

And why is it, that my little brother takes 45min in the bathroom?! Im just glad he gets up an hour before me.

Oh here is some exciting news, I put the Xmas tree up all by myself this year, I dug it out of the basement, it was quite high up for some reason, I dont know why my dad doesn't keep it near the floor, it was quite heavy.
Yea we have a fake one, and all I can say is finally, I mean you dont have to water, you dont have to vaccum it, and there is no smell that makes you sneeze all the time, and there are no breathing problems.

Goal for next weekend is to get it decorated.

Other than that all uneventful.

Good luck to the orphans of Laird Hall orphanage, Almost there

Friday, December 12, 2003

Lazy Bum

Today is just a lazy bum day. I got up at 12 today and had a nice slow breakfast, mmm bagels how I do love them, with du Vrai Syroup. mmmm sooo good. Ok this is going to be a short one, my mom is calling we have to go do some errands,

Just saw a funny add for depends

tee hee

Thursday, December 11, 2003

Back in the maritimes

Yup c'est vrai, I am already back home. The semester has just flown by at an incridible speed. To all y'all still in Laird, Best of Luck and hang in there, the break is just around the corner.
One little thing, some good news, the braces might be off in Feb. So fingers crossed.
Talking about braces had to make an emergency visit to the ortho again today, but he fixed the problem, which was great. I love going to visit the whole team there, they just make you feel like family. That seems to be a big thing here.
God it is cold in here, and as much as I would love to turn the heat up some, the house is too big and would cost through the roof. So I have about 2 sweaters on and have had many and I mean many cups of tea. Which means many trips to the bathroom, and ok there is nothing worse than and ice cold toilet seat, ok maybe a warm one, but thats just nasty.
Watch Trista and Ryan's wedding last night, and I must say it was way over done, total cost $4MILLION. It was beautiful, but I mean so much more could have been done with that money.

And on that note, I am off to make another cupa tea, as I can no longer feel the tips of my fingers, dont ya just love living in Canada ;)

Sunday, December 07, 2003

Library News

So I think there is now a permanent butt grove in this one seat in the library, since I have been here so long. Today I got here at around 2:30 and it is now about 6:30 and I will be back here tomorrow.
I have finished for this evening, and I am just having a little update, MSNing Allison who is on the computer almost right next to me, and then I heard this noise, a whirring almost, I thought I had done something wrong to one of the new computers here in the lib. nope it was my mobile (tee hee) and twas Po Po on the phone seeing what time I wanted to watch the all time best show at the mo' Alias.

I think I scratched myself while opening the velcro pocket.

Mmmmmm I am getting hungry, time to go back and eat, what else my taters thats all I've had today I think i might make brownies as tonight WILL will be on ALIAS

Saturday, December 06, 2003

8:30 Sat AM Calls

Don't you just love it when you don't get to bed till oh I don't know 2:30 and then you get a wake up call at 8:30am when you have the chance to sleep in. Frankly it just throws the whole day off balance.

Ok got that out of the system. I am now listening to Core Fresh Hits for the UK, mmm Scarborough might be looking like a reality. It's that wonderful when that happens?

Went out for dinner last night with J and S. Pizza Anngalic, was very good, I dont know but lately all I have wanted to eat has been big salads, with lots of green and pepper.

This mouse touch pad is acting all psyco. Jumping all over the place.
Oh would you mind.....Pass that Dutch.

Crazy wind, or as S mentioned could we really be in a reality show? How interesting would that be? The Life and Times of Laird hall, we'll just have to do somthing to make it more interesting. That's it mai tais for everyone, whatever that is.

I tend to get into a ramble
oh right there was a point I wanted to make, shortly after my 8:30 wake up call, there was a 9am knock on the door, goodness give a girl a chance to wake up and get dressed. One does not need to see the holy night shirt. It was some one no names will be mentioned ok lets call this person Miss Point to Make ok MPTM she wanted a freakin recipe for my busicuts, I should make a freakin book and just sell it, how to cook in Laird and Impress People at the same time. J Unit can take pictures of the food, Big S can set the shot up (mmmm just thinking about the meal event pictures) and everyone else can eat it wait Tennis Toe can do makeup and Lil' S can pose eating the food.

Ok there is some weird noises going on outside, I dont want to know, TMI.

mmmmm that should be long enough, let me know what you think about the book idea
I tell ya it would be a best seller

Thursday, December 04, 2003

Shout Out to Angela

just a little shout out to Angela, trying to get floor 2 straighten out! Woot way to go chicka

Its that Time of Year

Yes that's right, it's that time of year, you know what I mean, no NOT that, the return of the SZ, the dreaded stress zit. No I'm not talking cousins, but multiple ones.
And on another pissed off note, I know that I shouldnt leave my dishes on the counter, however the cleaners should know that it is exam time, people are stressed, god damit but dont put my Nalgene bottle in the trash then spary the god dam Fing deoderize spry on it, so that the bottle now tastes like ahhhhh shit, even after like 5 washes.
And it seems as those its been pre ordained that there should be these multiple henious occasions occruing right now.
I would like to state for the record, that our SAQ gingerbread house village, was the best, considering well that we had limited supplies, and what not. Way to go everyone, an excellent example of Team Work.

How unfair is it, to have to watch SJP's wardrobe and knowing that ya can't have it. Also I really like the horseshoe necklace that she has.

Gahhh step we can do this....why is it soo hard, hehe right its uni.

Ok, so it's amazing how SATC I feel right now, typing on my computer, and writing about well whatever I really want to. As I now seem to have a loyal following who await for my updates, on the exciting event of ma vie!! teee hee.
ok sounding like Im on as J Unit says ''on crack''

Ok signing off

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Note to Self

Futre Blog comments, bad smells on the floor

And I Say Bring it On

Or Do I? Ok so spent a major chunk of my day in the library. Met Allison there at about 12 and I left at 7pm. That's 7 hours of studying ONE COURSE. And its not even a course, its for its Lab, that's right I am talking about the dreaded Food Mirco and Sanitation Lab Exam ( lightning Flashes) ok so I don't have fancy effects. But we can do it, we have to pass that's all I want. Well no I want to do well I mean I worked a lot on this.

Yes so aside from that, I forgot to mention and I shall blame it on my inebriated state that I was in on Thursday of last week. Our very own Tennis Toe, had the MOST graceful fall on the Ceildh dance floor, she deserves a round of applause, as she quickly got up and avoided being trampled by drunk DIPS.

For those who don't know a DIP is a diploma program for a farmer to be, still not to sure about that, one of those accepted things here at MAC.

Had ice cream tonight, bad idea, I shall soon be giving birth to quints, ah hem thank u very much.

Ok off to bedfershire for me
early am to what else party with the lab books.

Ta ra

Monday, December 01, 2003

December's Wind is a blowin

Its that time of year again, My humbugness isn't as strong this year, might have to do with the crazy exam sch. this year, but I know I know i get to be home early, and we are going to Fredericton to see a play, and go to a party, and well what we do best in a group shop and as the AW sang, Fredericton doesnt have a good mall, but you know what its getting better.
Ok well S and I just made a pretty good page for the Laird Hall book, 2 heads are better than one, and I know by the end the ideas they were just a flowing.
The Alias addiction is becoming a way of life now, waiting for Will's big appearence next week, ekkk (girlish ekkk) lookin all buff and wont take crap from no one, after being wimpy screaming Will, mmm whats his new name? but WARNING only click there if you want to see spoiler info, its a pretty good site, thanks to S, well for passing it along.
Went to the Ceildh last Thursday helped out for DNHUS and FSA making nachos and helping Shannon for a bit in coat check, then tennis toe and officer radman and I Britney DF went out for a little fun ( a little too much fun me thinks) it was nasty stuff, and I seem to remeber eating cheeseys in the kitchen and Dude wearing my glasses.
Strange night, but lots of fun as always and we managed to avoid the Children, however they keept looking at Jen, lol
ok must sleep was in the lib studying for all the afternoon, and i have a quiz that i am soo not prepared for,

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Old CDs

Ok I know I should be studying, but I was just talking to A about listening to old CDs. Right now I am listening to the Barenaked Ladies All Their Greatest Hits. Unfortunatly my neighbour does not appreciate my singing to Call and Answer, a classic if you as me. It makes me cry some times, yup I'm a geek. But this also made me think, what are some CDs that you secretly hide in the back of your collection? For me I think it would be my No Mercy CD. I only got it because I liked that one song of theirs, for what a week? One should never buy a CD for just one song. However now with things like Kazza I guess that really dosent happen as much.

I have become addicted to a radio show, its scary as a kid i would always wanted to change the station in the car when my mom would be listening to this . Hello SAD GOAT. What a great phone number. Phone numbers that spell things out makes things easiter to remember. I had a friend in high school who had an easy one to remember.

BTW Happy Belated BDAY Teri Lynn.

Ok back to studying packaging and all the plastics ohhhh and media for Food Micro. ohh and a quiz on monday


Saturday, November 15, 2003

Weekend Finally here

Well, it seems like good ole Jean C. has been in the office for awhile, I'll never forget him passing thru the rotunda, when I was in Ottawa in grade 12 with the school choir singing, I mean he was right there and pretended to conduct us, and he shook Mr M's hand. It's one of those things you dont forget.

A ton of stuff to do this weekend, plus I should get some major studying done, ahh exams in 2 weeks, where has the semester gone?

Where has my life gone?

So many questions to think about

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Remembrance Day

- we will remember them...

It is a day for reflection on many things, however I dont think this is the place for me to write about it.

The presentation went ok I think. Hopefully I didnt talk too fast. We shall see what the marks say next week.
Found this and can only think, if only but it was not ment to be, I can feel it. Also its amazing to see how far people will go for money I dont know but there is somthing about this e bay that just seems a bit strange to me.

Ahh well I should stop before I just start putting links in here.
Ok well this appears to be up and running. Feeling a bit better about the presentation tomorrow, however I know that I will talk fast, is there a possible cure? Thanks tennis toe and officer radman for the listen!!

You can only pratice so much until you lose your voice, or annoy your neighbours, oh heck even both. Ahhh the joys of living in res. especially good ole Ste Annes. I made an attempt of ironing my pants and shirt, but they still seem a bit messy, I'll have to get my Dad to finally teach me the proper way, it looks tricky, and the ironing board here is a funny color I dont know how much I really trust it.

Ahh only 30 days left untill I go home to Florenceville population 700. But I miss my room, and real food, I noticed today that I'm not really getting a lot of fruit only OJ, could this be why I am loseing all my hair, I should save it and make it into a wig for a certain hair challanged friend, or so she claims.

Love Actually is in the theaters, I would like to see it, I need that feel good pick me up movie, plus it has all my favorite Brit actors, mmmmm Colin Firth.... nuff said.
With my luck it will still be playing in Woodstock when I get home.
Also really want to see Kill Bill

RIght well it's official I have a sleeping problem, might be due to the large amounts of tea and coffee I have every day. Also Aunt Sue's cookies are almost all gone, this is not a good thing, for 1)I want them to last for exams 2)that means i ate them eppp!
Ok Must try to sleep, I am listening to the soundtrack for Final Fantasy, its nice piano, I haven't seen the movie but I really like the CD, thanks Dawn.
Again how delish is Aston Kutcher? Could Punk'd be any funnier, and those sunglasses, oh dear.
ok nite

Monday, November 10, 2003

So I have spent a little bit of time today working on the presentation. Will school ever end. Also want to go to the movies but I know that i have no time what so ever. gahh

Ok this is my first attempt at a blog, I am kinda new at this. I have started reading other peoples and I think its a great way just to express yourself. And it seems like a lot of fun. I have a big presentation on Tuesday. All about French Fries, I am a little nervous, especially that I will get hard questions.
Only 31 days left of this semester for me yipee, then I get to go home for the Xmas break, and work, some more. But it will be good.
Ok C'est tout pour now.
I need some sleep, and my book is waiting to be read.