Thursday, December 25, 2003

Merry Christmas

Happy Christmas everyone, I hope you all are enjoying yourselves. We went to the 11pm service last night, was a bit sad seeing as it was Chris' last Xmas service with us. Got home at mid night, and finished wrapping gifties, then went to bed. We got up now here is the shocker I think, at 11:30, thats right 11:30 long gone are the days where you are up at 6 and have to wait until 8, when you can go wake up your parents to go down and open the presents. I have to say I could have slept longer.
It was a great year, I got a really nice pair of earrings in a special little blue box, and the other really great gift, I got a LITE BRITE. When I was little I really wanted one, but with all the small pieces and having 2 little brothers, alas I never got one, but boy did Santa make up for lost time. I have already made the Mr. Potato head lite brite, its really cool and just as much fun as I thought it would be.
We got a whole bunch of movies, we watched the new extened version of LOTR:TT, and we are going tomorrow to see ROTK. Which should be good, as I have just found my earplugs to wear. My mom and I went to see Mona Lisa Smile last week and the wall kept shaking, LOTR was playing next door, and was that loud.

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