Sunday, October 31, 2004

Happy Halloween

A very Happy Halloween to all ye out there reading this

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Happy Weekend

Well, happy weekend my "5" readers :p Franchment eh. ahh Well, was supposed to go out for Brunch downtown today, but it got canceled. So I went into Ste Anne's for breakfast at au Bout d'ille. I love the omellets there, they are HUDGE, got the western one, with ham, onions, green peppers and tomatos along with toast, fevres au lard, fruit and hash browns. And all with coffee to wash it down, was very pleasent i was able to read my book, Anna Karenina, of which I love saying the title, it just rolls off of your tounge. Then after that I went to TWIGS as a smoker started poullting the air, and I had more coffee on the comphy couch and saw all these kids in their coustumes, too cute. There was a little fair going on in town, they had a petting Zoo with Lamas and goats and weird looking geese, but they also had this Adpot a pet thing, with all these cute dogs, cats, kittens and puppys. I almost took one home with me, a basset hound puppy, sooo cute, and his eyes, how could you not love him?? I will just have to do with Babar for now, :) until I can get a real pet.

Ok work for the rest of the weekend, somtimes it has to be good to have a change a plans. At least I hope so

Thursday, October 28, 2004


WHAT CURSE I ASK YOU. HA HA HA last laugh is on you BABE. OH i knew it, I knew this was THE YEAR.
Halloween party tonight, going as a Hula gal, but i might have said that already ok
thats all for now

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Keeping the Faith

This is the year my friends, those what 4 of you that read this? This is the year I can feel it, Tonight the Soxs won game 3 4-1, and I still can't sleep so it's time for an update.
Midterm time of year as always taking up most of my spare time, but this Thursday night in the CC ballroom, oui oui c'est la grande fete pour l"halloween, et volia c'est tout pour mon horrible francais ce soir. Its the be there or be squre (root) sorta thing. This year and my final year, I will be going as a Hula girl ( grass skirt is really cool) with Alli. Other than that nothing else is new, S has gone back home to bring home the Eggs and Bacon har de har har, ohhh all of the possible egg jokes, and lil S has gone home for the weekend, and I was here left with my books of language and the Red Soxs.
Only 2 more mid terms left, can I get an amen from the congregation?

Saturday, October 23, 2004


It must be italian, haha ha yes just call me Fragile.
Where did October go??

Tuesday, October 19, 2004


Let me see, not too much to write made it through the weekend some how and I'm still standing, got my grad proofs back they look great, and just trying to take it one day at a time, that's all I can do. As my grandfather always used to say when the world gives you lemons make lemonaide, its just a bit hard to do

Saturday, October 16, 2004

My Hair Hurts

Friday, October 15, 2004


In all honesty I don't know how I made it through 3 years in Larid with out them, they are great! I think that everyone moving into a res in Uni should be given a new pair every year, think of all the noises you could block out. Also I am very much enjoying the new windows that were installed this summer, I can only slightly hear the drunken "yeeeee haws" of the drunkards at the Ceilidh.
Aside from that just when you thought you had the ball of string all wraped up and ready to go, it starts to become undone, undone an interesting word.
Another thing parents, yea sure they raise you and support you and do all that stuff like feed and shelter you, but there must be some part in them that just loves to torment you, make you suffer to the point where even if you were on the other side of the world it would be just as bad as if you were right next to them. I mean who on the night before a midterm wants to have the whole can of worms that is the numero uno problemo in their life opened up again, I mean it took a long time to even close it some what the first time, but the WHAM here we go again. Thanks, thanks a whole lot.

In other matters went to Octoberfest today with Lil S mmmmm Saureakreaut and all the yummy bacteria that help ferment it......mmmmm and all it is, is shredded cabbage and salt, thats it, I find it so amazing at how our world works...especially food wise.
Ok going to try and get some sleep, tomorrows Friday TGIF baby

Wednesday, October 13, 2004


mmmm nothing quite like it ya know what I mean, how great was it, that walked into Ste Annes to get S a phone to find the store was closed, looked at Marco's 2 for 1 (still a bit tpp $$ for me) and then went to the Marche bc I mean we were in town, only to find that McCain pizzas were on sale for onlt 3.99!! mmmm soo yummy

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Wednesday, October 06, 2004


The lights are must brighter there, you can forget all your troubles, forget all your cares and go dooooowntown, Downtown, sing with me now, hehe I am in the computer lab downtown, and how funny would it be for me to break out in to song, and the whole lab was to join in. People jumping up on the tables dancing, hehehe

Man is it ever hot in here, they need to think of some ventilation, also there should be a ban on certain perfumes, I don't care how expensive they were, they STINK

Was food for thought last night, really interesting err then again, we got there too late for any snacks, but S Lil S and I all got a juicebox, which was a mix, but had that great fake grape juice taste from when you were a kid.

We will just have to go earlier next time

Ok enough said, back to real work, I am actually going to go to my class today, ahh yea

Monday, October 04, 2004

My poor baby brother, lol he had a tractor run over his leg while picking on the field (potato field) he seems to be in good spirts having just found out he has torn a ligament and will have to go to Fred for treatment, must be the pain killers, get well soon Skyguy

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I saw this cartoon this morning, and I just found it really cute, mind you this early it doesn't take much to make me laugh! Check out for more comics

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Sunday, October 03, 2004

Whets the Point

Here I am, in the Library, all set to study and get caught up, this weekend was going to be all about getting caught up. Unfortunately that didn't happen. Saturday complete write off, was so exhausted, having problems sleeping (greaaat). Then I was going to go to the library at 2 and just work through, but I had a call from home there was an hour and some gone. So here I am around 5, I can't focus, and the reading just doesn't go in, and so here I now sit updating this blog, I am thinking of getting a little cam, might be fun or not, a miracle happened, will not have to stay in this city too long in Dec, yeaaaaaa
Ok must force myself to work,

The Force be with you

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Tired, Crap Week, but mmm mmm BBQ chicken

The title pretty much sums the week up, and then i find out my baby bro;s let was run over by a tractor, luckily nothing is broken, major brusing and he is on crutches, it just got worse and worse as the week went one, but mmm mmm mmm I got a BBQ chicken today how yummy is that