Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Currently On Break

Thats right folks, I am currently enjoying the seclusion of Florenceville, where everybody knows your name. Only 2 more days to go untill the braces are gone.

Sunday, February 15, 2004


No its not fair, one moment they stop working, then a miracle, they start working again, but this morning, *wipes tear away* they don't. I am talking about my speakers on my Dell, my Precious, my computer. WHY MEEEEeE
WHy any of us for that reason.

The fact that they started working yesterday just about made my day. Oh well. Ah yes Happy Belated Valentine's Day full of chocolate and candies I hope for you all.
Many thanks to DJ Lil'S for the yummy treat, as well as DJ SJ.

How is it that Andrew W K can just make ya fell better, I know its an older song, but it just keeps me going, I like the part 1/2 way through where there is the drum bit, with the guitar, that and the song Peppy Rock, ahhhh here we go, that's what we gonna do, every body get up and say ooooo oooo.

Yes the count down has started
And now we return to the program which has already started
No it's completly devoid of every thing, except for, except for Hello What's this?

Friday, February 13, 2004

Eating Disorders

And on a lighter note

Hello My Name Is Mida and I have an Eating Disorder, I can't stop eating
I know I'm not the only one out there now, there is a place for us people
this is a serious problem and we need help, lol
ok that was a more so in joke, but I find it quite funny
Founders Day was today, an excellent speaker, Toban Anderson, she surived cancer 3 times and has climb the hightest mountain in Antartica, if you ever have the chance to hear her, I highly recommend it
Ok I should get back to work
good luck everyone with midterms this week

Monday, February 09, 2004

Durrr MSN

How aggravating is it when the MSN wont sign in, how sad is it that you get aggravated by this?
Just listening to a classic Westlife CD, thanks for bringing it back S. A CD full of sappy songs, sighhhh lol Nahhh come on its WL, how could you not find them catchy?

ahh well
mmm wouldn't those cupcakes you used to get in elem, school for Valentine's day be good right about now???
I just want that cakey icing goodness

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Mida's Declared today as a SNOW DAY

It is just terrible out there, and I dont think I want to get on that school bus for a stop go ride into Montreal, just for one class when I can listen to the lecture on line. So let it be known today was my snow day to stay in and do work.
Because of this snow day I was able to go to a delishious lunch down at the test kitchen of Casinolini. mmmmm it was really good, some bugs to be worked out, but that's normal I think. Its too bad that the mousse wasn't working, the cone was just as good if you ask me!
The salad and the pasta were very good, as was the bruchetta. The soup well I just kept thinking about Bridget Jones' blue soup, however this one was a purple soup due to the kidney beans. It was different, good, and most likely my protein for the week!

So stay warm all you people out in la la land, I am going to go back to the LING notes

Oh Midterm went well, however I think my crowning moment was falling down the stairs in Leacock 26, on the hard cement in front of >200 people! I was graceful and laughed it off, I now have a lovely bruise that is multi colored, and a nice scrap too. Angela you would have been so proud of me!

We need a Tim Hortons here in Ste Annes why oh why wont they open one? Little cafes are nice, but they can be pricey when all you want is a coffee and a dounut. hrumph

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

One Down One to Go

Yahoo, my Seminar is all done, and it went pretty well I think, and there is still quite a bit of cake left, so come on up an see me on the 5th floor if you want some.
Midterm tonight at 7pm for my Art of Listening. I keep mixing my Vivaldi with Bach, how can this be I know you all must be asking as they are so different.
I really like this class. We are listening to different ones that Vanessa did last year, so I kinda get the best of both, culture wise. I was looking forward to Quant et Moi and As Vespa was from Latmos hill descending. hehe Hey V that should be your try out song for Canadian Idol. Quant et Moi. snicker snicker snicker
Well I should go get ready to head into traffic, ah what a joy it is some times, I just hope the lady from Monday isn't there asking the poor old guy if he was with his wife when she died I mean come on, you just dont talk about that!!!
And she has forever ruined the term "brownies" for me.

Wish me Luck

Oh Good Luck to the Casinolini gals tomorrow with the test kitchen, sorry I'll miss it, tell me all about it

Sunday, February 01, 2004


Ok so I'm not the biggest football fan, but when the Pats play you pay attention. Its the one team that I sorta follow. I do this for most sports, and the teams are all related back to the New England roots. Oh to be in Bean town tonight!! And what a close game, down to the wire, but the boys pulled through for the victory. How sweet it is, and it doesn't hurt to have to look at Tom Brady either ;)
All Star Survivor is on right now, I wanted to watch it but I just have too much stuff to get done! So after this I'm going to bed, only to wake up early and review. Oh and I get to pick my package up at the Post Office, I love getting care packages. This one should have some books in it, goodie, I've run out of things to read that aren't Text books.

Ms. Jew I hope you're having a great week! Enjoy it.
Oh here is a cool site where you can rate your profs, very usefull I think.
Well y'all play safe and have fun at the movies, quick who says that?

Sucks to be Me

I know I know, a la Prozzack song, thats how I feel right now. Could I have picked a worse time to get sick? Well yea probably but I mean come on, it just wasn't fair, that I had to miss my last casino night here at Mac. This just means I'll have to come back for one.
I went downtown today for a review session for AOL, so a long day, 2 hours on the bus total, I am just glad there really isn't any traffic on the weekend. Got to listen to the ta's cool auzzie accent and we listened to some good music. Quite a few people showed up.
How great is it when you leave the LG metro that the bus is waiting there for you and you can get a decent seat? There are few times that this happens so I shall enjoy it.
Other than that, not too much to report. I hear that Maxi Padman's BC made an appearnce at the Casino night, and Ms Tennis To was quite the DJ mixing it up. Silly rabbit trix are for kids, now how unfair is that? Does this mean only children can eat Trix? Mind you I dont care for the stuff but still that is besides the point.