Tuesday, February 03, 2004

One Down One to Go

Yahoo, my Seminar is all done, and it went pretty well I think, and there is still quite a bit of cake left, so come on up an see me on the 5th floor if you want some.
Midterm tonight at 7pm for my Art of Listening. I keep mixing my Vivaldi with Bach, how can this be I know you all must be asking as they are so different.
I really like this class. We are listening to different ones that Vanessa did last year, so I kinda get the best of both, culture wise. I was looking forward to Quant et Moi and As Vespa was from Latmos hill descending. hehe Hey V that should be your try out song for Canadian Idol. Quant et Moi. snicker snicker snicker
Well I should go get ready to head into traffic, ah what a joy it is some times, I just hope the lady from Monday isn't there asking the poor old guy if he was with his wife when she died I mean come on, you just dont talk about that!!!
And she has forever ruined the term "brownies" for me.

Wish me Luck

Oh Good Luck to the Casinolini gals tomorrow with the test kitchen, sorry I'll miss it, tell me all about it

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