Saturday, June 26, 2004

Euro 2004

Great news today the Netherlands have made it through to the next round beating Sweden. What a great game. I have become a workaholic this past week and not really by choice. Science takes time and takes time from your non existent life. I might as well just have a cot at work to sleep there.

About sleeping how great would it be to have a siesta? I really think they are on to somthing there.

Today was the big McCain Family bbq, felt old and odd seeing people I went to HS with there with their spouse and their 2 kids,

Other than that nothing is going on here, I really wish I could go somewhere warm and sunny for a vacation just a week at least that has tons of historic neat things and such just to absorb it all and none of this strange wether that we have been having here in NB

One good thing about not being outside is that I get to avoid all the black flies and such