Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Food Science News

I am convinced that we are once again being ignored, what the program needs is not fixing per say but better recruitment, and it's time that they heard us, but we keep getting the deaf ear from the Admin and the dean

Sunday, March 28, 2004

The End

Another Chapter has finished in my life, or so to speak. I just saw the final esp. of Sex and the City, I don't care what the critics said, I thought it was a very good ending, we know where each of the characters are going. And yes I did cry, now what am I going to watch on Saturday nights when I want to live through some one else.

I find that I am watching less and less television, and it's frankly odd.

God, I have let my room get far too messy, I think it's time to bring out the mop, or at least, find a mop some where in the melting pot of smells that is Laird, that doesn't smell like spoiled food, or dirty socks.

*sigh* no more SATC nights eating brownies etc. What's a gal to do?

Saturday, March 27, 2004

They're bacccck

As I sit here now, I hear that dreaded honking outside my window. That's right the dammed geese are back, with their awful honk honk.

Friday, March 26, 2004

Had Just About Enough

That's it, I can't take it anymore. I mean how lazy can a bunch of people be. Well I think my floor has toped that list. How hard could it be to help out and take the recycling bin to the third floor and empty it in the container there?? I mean you don't even have to take the stairs! TAKE THE ELEVATOR. I've been doing it for the past month. And I'll admit, I stopped, but it's only fair, use the bin? Help empty it. It took me 5 trips in the elevator to empty it. It was DISGUSTING. The cleaning staff is only here to CLEAN, not empty our recycling, Christ the average age on this floor is 24 you'd think you could HELP out and stop being a lazy selfish TWIT.
Fuming in 519

Thursday, March 25, 2004

Step Right Up and Spin the Wheel

Well Well, let us see what has gone on during the past week ici a Montreal. Not too much. Tomorrow night is the Grad Celebration, which should be, no I correct myself, will be fun.
The New Harry Potter Trailer came out yesterday, I now cannot wait for the movie to come out, I am sure I will have plenty of time to re read the book prior to seeing, aww bless their lil cotton socks they are growing up.
This morning when I woke up about 10 min before class, I looked out the window, saw it was gray out, so I decided to wear a sweater with my down vest instead of the winter coat, by the time I made it down all the stairs, to get outside, it had started to rain, I swear that happend on purpose, just so I could get soaked and slip on ice. There I was running to class, passing everyone with an umbrella, honestly why is it everyone here seems to have one in their back pack?? Moral of this, wake up eariler, and not to be late

Sunday, March 21, 2004

Can't Sleep

Might as well write in here. Lets see, a lot has happened in the past few days. First off the sad news, Mr. H. McCain died on Friday. Very sad news, he will be greatly missed in the comunity, and the world over I am sure.

I went to a concert at Place-des-Arts for my Art of listening, it was very good. I went with Heidi and her bf. Unfortunalty I was having some sort of allergic reaction to somthing I arte ( I am thinking from the sugar shack), I litereally fell into bed when I got back, only to have my mom call worried about me, and wanted to make sure I got home on time. Feel much better, amzing how a migraine call really drain you. I never want to experience that again.

Poor Schuyler had to get his hair cut. Long story, but I am proud that he did the "grown - up" thing to do. And hey now it wont be in your face when you play soccer!! I'll take ya out when your in Montreal to make up for your lost bud.

Cruger, good news got the job, that is one less big worry on the home front, we are now all employed this summer, phew. What a load off my back to worry about. Now I can start to worry about Flavor Chem.

Got my AOL mark back had to do a double take, I couldn't beleive I did that well, yea me.

Ran into some one I know from back home at the Metro (grocery store, not the subway) and had a nice chat with her. Always fun to surprise people with my visits downtown. I mean yes I go to school in Ste Anne's but I do go into Montreal, not that you've ever visited me here.

ok I should get to bed, am just listening to sap fm as I call my sadish songs, qucik what movie is that from??

Friday, March 19, 2004

Oh My Stomach

sooo full. A lot of fun last night, I pretty much just ate and then fell into bed last night, a lot of laughs, won a prize, Shannon ate some pie,ate sugar and lots of good food. Back to reality, I think I'll just have a cupa tea today. Have to go to a concert tonight for AOL at Places des Arts.

Thursday, March 18, 2004


That's right, my stomach is rumbling in anticipation, tonight is a night for elastic waist bands and no holds back eating. OUI C'est La Cabaine a Sucre ce soir, on va manger!! Which means small breakfast and small lunch, with a possible small snack. Oh S, Lil S and A it's gonna be good, sorry you can't come J.

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

Yea, what a great thing he did that St. Pat, driving all those annoying snakes out of the emerald isle. God Bless. Dang it I think its going to be cold today, I dont want to go downtown.

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

T Minus to Eat Fest 2004

Thats right only 2 more days until the Sugar Shack, I can't wait, lots of great greasy food, mmmmmm maple syrup. Should be really good. Tomorrow is St Patrick's day where every seems to be Irish. And yet I can't help thinking every time I see those Kiss Me I'm Irish pins, that those people can't be of the true blood, cuz as every Guinness loving Irish person knows, we are prone to cold sores or canker sores, so in fact the pin should say, don't kiss me i'm irish. Just somthing to think about.
Is it ever cold out, I was hoping for some nice slightly above freezing temperatures here but no such luck. Mmm appears that I have having some problems typing here so I think it's time I sign off.
Make sure to have a nice big Oatmeal breakfast with a Guinness to wash it down to morrow. For when Irish eyes are smiling etc etc etc

On a side note, wow I have an .org domain name, lol

Sunday, March 14, 2004

It's Official...Can't think of a title

Yes for those of you who haven't been here in awhile, I have updated the title of this blog. I just felt it was time for a change, and as this is really just me rambling a long, the title fit. Maxi Padman has a friend up from Ta ra na, as people from outside of the Maritimes seem to think we pronouce it. Should be a fun week. Also sugar shack the 18th and also the 17th is St Paddy's day. I dont think I am going to go, tho. But things might change, I just have gotten used to smoke free envts.
Also this weekend I notice the ever expanding hold Microsoft has on us. Way back in the days of High School, everyone had ICQ, there were never that many problems with it and everything was fine. But on Friday for some reason MSN Msger Would not let us log on, when was it this major change, I mean even first year of uni it was still ICQ but now, BAM there has been this switch. Whats with that??
I still think I need a coffee IV drip, I never thought I would come to depend on my 4 cups, but I do. And I am ok with this.I might update later today I think I shall try and get my ever missing brother on the phone to see how things are at Mt A

Thursday, March 11, 2004

Ahh bless Her Little Cotton Socks

Found this today, so i guess its a good thing that I drink the amount of coffee that I do! Always good to know, and I thought it was just because I have caffein problem. Went grocery shopping today, which means I got eggs which means the brownies are in the future some time, so be on the look out for those, I'm thinking Alias

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Testing Testing One Two Three?

The Following is a Test. Please do not adjust your television sets

It's Been Awhile

Since I last sawww youuuuu. Isn't that a song or something? Or has m wee accident caused my brain to be muddled? Yes everyone, I have a problem. It's not too serious but if I'm not careful I could really hurt myself. I am talking of course of my falling/tripping/hitting my head. The latest being a classic running into a wall (mind you it was a corner) and I hit my nose on the corner of the Fire Alarm Pull Station. If only I could have caught it on tape, dang it Ange where were ya when I wanted to capture that magic moment on tape. hehe. But no worries about major swelling, Lil S had frozen peas available, for which I am forever grateful.
Aside from that not too much has happened here in the ole cinderblock that is known as Laird. The snow is almost gone which I am very excited about. Also means that school is almost over, and we get to go home, to my new apartment. Yup supposedly I am getting an apartment for the summer. Mind you it's not too far from my house, it's actually in the basement, but hehe there are lots of windows and lots of space. I'm really excited about it.
Y'all can come visit and I'll make you a cup of esspresso, or tea or coffee or whatever.
Sugar Shack is coming up, March 18, its a Thursday at 5:30 ALL YOU CAN EAT for only 10$ Its a BARGAIN, also BYOB for those interested see Me for tickets if you want to go. I cannot stress how much you can eat, last year I was full until dinner the following day. Crazzy
Ok back to work

Monday, March 01, 2004

Bored? Procrastinating?

Well you must be else why would you be reading this?? Try this out then.

My Mormon name is MaeRinda Danlonaga!
What's yours?

March Came in Like a Lamb

There fore it should go out like a lion? I hope not. Well I am back at Mac, which rhymes, and I have a midterm today in Ling. Oh Joy. Congrats go out to the LOTR movies. 11 awards, also conograts to Les Invasion des Barbares. Righto also very exciting, the braces are off!! How wonderful it feels now that they are gone. It's nice to see what your teeth look likes.
Ok I should get back to reviewing, VP NP PP and all that JAZZ