Thursday, March 25, 2004

Step Right Up and Spin the Wheel

Well Well, let us see what has gone on during the past week ici a Montreal. Not too much. Tomorrow night is the Grad Celebration, which should be, no I correct myself, will be fun.
The New Harry Potter Trailer came out yesterday, I now cannot wait for the movie to come out, I am sure I will have plenty of time to re read the book prior to seeing, aww bless their lil cotton socks they are growing up.
This morning when I woke up about 10 min before class, I looked out the window, saw it was gray out, so I decided to wear a sweater with my down vest instead of the winter coat, by the time I made it down all the stairs, to get outside, it had started to rain, I swear that happend on purpose, just so I could get soaked and slip on ice. There I was running to class, passing everyone with an umbrella, honestly why is it everyone here seems to have one in their back pack?? Moral of this, wake up eariler, and not to be late

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