Sunday, March 21, 2004

Can't Sleep

Might as well write in here. Lets see, a lot has happened in the past few days. First off the sad news, Mr. H. McCain died on Friday. Very sad news, he will be greatly missed in the comunity, and the world over I am sure.

I went to a concert at Place-des-Arts for my Art of listening, it was very good. I went with Heidi and her bf. Unfortunalty I was having some sort of allergic reaction to somthing I arte ( I am thinking from the sugar shack), I litereally fell into bed when I got back, only to have my mom call worried about me, and wanted to make sure I got home on time. Feel much better, amzing how a migraine call really drain you. I never want to experience that again.

Poor Schuyler had to get his hair cut. Long story, but I am proud that he did the "grown - up" thing to do. And hey now it wont be in your face when you play soccer!! I'll take ya out when your in Montreal to make up for your lost bud.

Cruger, good news got the job, that is one less big worry on the home front, we are now all employed this summer, phew. What a load off my back to worry about. Now I can start to worry about Flavor Chem.

Got my AOL mark back had to do a double take, I couldn't beleive I did that well, yea me.

Ran into some one I know from back home at the Metro (grocery store, not the subway) and had a nice chat with her. Always fun to surprise people with my visits downtown. I mean yes I go to school in Ste Anne's but I do go into Montreal, not that you've ever visited me here.

ok I should get to bed, am just listening to sap fm as I call my sadish songs, qucik what movie is that from??

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