Tuesday, April 26, 2005

no more after work naps for me

they just keep me up at night worrying about stupid shit

why put yourself through that?

On other news nothing new to report the river has finally broken up complety most of the snow is gone there is some green grass peaking through, and my brother is home from uni so a full house here (with no unlce jesse, have an uncle ricky though) and my Dad is funnier than Bob Sagette

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Exciting week this week Dr. Who was back on TV. Check your local listings on CBC

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April Already

How the time has flown, it is April already. I saw a robin today on my front lawn, which is always good to see after a long winter. The ice in the river has pretty much broken up with minimum flooding, which is good. I will try and post some pictures later so you can see the large chunks of ice.

Had a quite weekend, worked a bit on the basement. I have a closet now! Which is amazing, slowly moving my stuff in and their stuff out.

Ok well I thought that I had more to write here today but it's just not flowing