Tuesday, March 09, 2004

It's Been Awhile

Since I last sawww youuuuu. Isn't that a song or something? Or has m wee accident caused my brain to be muddled? Yes everyone, I have a problem. It's not too serious but if I'm not careful I could really hurt myself. I am talking of course of my falling/tripping/hitting my head. The latest being a classic running into a wall (mind you it was a corner) and I hit my nose on the corner of the Fire Alarm Pull Station. If only I could have caught it on tape, dang it Ange where were ya when I wanted to capture that magic moment on tape. hehe. But no worries about major swelling, Lil S had frozen peas available, for which I am forever grateful.
Aside from that not too much has happened here in the ole cinderblock that is known as Laird. The snow is almost gone which I am very excited about. Also means that school is almost over, and we get to go home, to my new apartment. Yup supposedly I am getting an apartment for the summer. Mind you it's not too far from my house, it's actually in the basement, but hehe there are lots of windows and lots of space. I'm really excited about it.
Y'all can come visit and I'll make you a cup of esspresso, or tea or coffee or whatever.
Sugar Shack is coming up, March 18, its a Thursday at 5:30 ALL YOU CAN EAT for only 10$ Its a BARGAIN, also BYOB for those interested see Me for tickets if you want to go. I cannot stress how much you can eat, last year I was full until dinner the following day. Crazzy
Ok back to work

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