Sunday, February 01, 2004


Ok so I'm not the biggest football fan, but when the Pats play you pay attention. Its the one team that I sorta follow. I do this for most sports, and the teams are all related back to the New England roots. Oh to be in Bean town tonight!! And what a close game, down to the wire, but the boys pulled through for the victory. How sweet it is, and it doesn't hurt to have to look at Tom Brady either ;)
All Star Survivor is on right now, I wanted to watch it but I just have too much stuff to get done! So after this I'm going to bed, only to wake up early and review. Oh and I get to pick my package up at the Post Office, I love getting care packages. This one should have some books in it, goodie, I've run out of things to read that aren't Text books.

Ms. Jew I hope you're having a great week! Enjoy it.
Oh here is a cool site where you can rate your profs, very usefull I think.
Well y'all play safe and have fun at the movies, quick who says that?

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