Sunday, February 01, 2004

Sucks to be Me

I know I know, a la Prozzack song, thats how I feel right now. Could I have picked a worse time to get sick? Well yea probably but I mean come on, it just wasn't fair, that I had to miss my last casino night here at Mac. This just means I'll have to come back for one.
I went downtown today for a review session for AOL, so a long day, 2 hours on the bus total, I am just glad there really isn't any traffic on the weekend. Got to listen to the ta's cool auzzie accent and we listened to some good music. Quite a few people showed up.
How great is it when you leave the LG metro that the bus is waiting there for you and you can get a decent seat? There are few times that this happens so I shall enjoy it.
Other than that, not too much to report. I hear that Maxi Padman's BC made an appearnce at the Casino night, and Ms Tennis To was quite the DJ mixing it up. Silly rabbit trix are for kids, now how unfair is that? Does this mean only children can eat Trix? Mind you I dont care for the stuff but still that is besides the point.

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