Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Mida's Declared today as a SNOW DAY

It is just terrible out there, and I dont think I want to get on that school bus for a stop go ride into Montreal, just for one class when I can listen to the lecture on line. So let it be known today was my snow day to stay in and do work.
Because of this snow day I was able to go to a delishious lunch down at the test kitchen of Casinolini. mmmmm it was really good, some bugs to be worked out, but that's normal I think. Its too bad that the mousse wasn't working, the cone was just as good if you ask me!
The salad and the pasta were very good, as was the bruchetta. The soup well I just kept thinking about Bridget Jones' blue soup, however this one was a purple soup due to the kidney beans. It was different, good, and most likely my protein for the week!

So stay warm all you people out in la la land, I am going to go back to the LING notes

Oh Midterm went well, however I think my crowning moment was falling down the stairs in Leacock 26, on the hard cement in front of >200 people! I was graceful and laughed it off, I now have a lovely bruise that is multi colored, and a nice scrap too. Angela you would have been so proud of me!

We need a Tim Hortons here in Ste Annes why oh why wont they open one? Little cafes are nice, but they can be pricey when all you want is a coffee and a dounut. hrumph

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