Thursday, December 04, 2003

Its that Time of Year

Yes that's right, it's that time of year, you know what I mean, no NOT that, the return of the SZ, the dreaded stress zit. No I'm not talking cousins, but multiple ones.
And on another pissed off note, I know that I shouldnt leave my dishes on the counter, however the cleaners should know that it is exam time, people are stressed, god damit but dont put my Nalgene bottle in the trash then spary the god dam Fing deoderize spry on it, so that the bottle now tastes like ahhhhh shit, even after like 5 washes.
And it seems as those its been pre ordained that there should be these multiple henious occasions occruing right now.
I would like to state for the record, that our SAQ gingerbread house village, was the best, considering well that we had limited supplies, and what not. Way to go everyone, an excellent example of Team Work.

How unfair is it, to have to watch SJP's wardrobe and knowing that ya can't have it. Also I really like the horseshoe necklace that she has.

Gahhh step we can do this....why is it soo hard, hehe right its uni.

Ok, so it's amazing how SATC I feel right now, typing on my computer, and writing about well whatever I really want to. As I now seem to have a loyal following who await for my updates, on the exciting event of ma vie!! teee hee.
ok sounding like Im on as J Unit says ''on crack''

Ok signing off

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