Monday, December 01, 2003

December's Wind is a blowin

Its that time of year again, My humbugness isn't as strong this year, might have to do with the crazy exam sch. this year, but I know I know i get to be home early, and we are going to Fredericton to see a play, and go to a party, and well what we do best in a group shop and as the AW sang, Fredericton doesnt have a good mall, but you know what its getting better.
Ok well S and I just made a pretty good page for the Laird Hall book, 2 heads are better than one, and I know by the end the ideas they were just a flowing.
The Alias addiction is becoming a way of life now, waiting for Will's big appearence next week, ekkk (girlish ekkk) lookin all buff and wont take crap from no one, after being wimpy screaming Will, mmm whats his new name? but WARNING only click there if you want to see spoiler info, its a pretty good site, thanks to S, well for passing it along.
Went to the Ceildh last Thursday helped out for DNHUS and FSA making nachos and helping Shannon for a bit in coat check, then tennis toe and officer radman and I Britney DF went out for a little fun ( a little too much fun me thinks) it was nasty stuff, and I seem to remeber eating cheeseys in the kitchen and Dude wearing my glasses.
Strange night, but lots of fun as always and we managed to avoid the Children, however they keept looking at Jen, lol
ok must sleep was in the lib studying for all the afternoon, and i have a quiz that i am soo not prepared for,

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