Tuesday, December 02, 2003

And I Say Bring it On

Or Do I? Ok so spent a major chunk of my day in the library. Met Allison there at about 12 and I left at 7pm. That's 7 hours of studying ONE COURSE. And its not even a course, its for its Lab, that's right I am talking about the dreaded Food Mirco and Sanitation Lab Exam ( lightning Flashes) ok so I don't have fancy effects. But we can do it, we have to pass that's all I want. Well no I want to do well I mean I worked a lot on this.

Yes so aside from that, I forgot to mention and I shall blame it on my inebriated state that I was in on Thursday of last week. Our very own Tennis Toe, had the MOST graceful fall on the Ceildh dance floor, she deserves a round of applause, as she quickly got up and avoided being trampled by drunk DIPS.

For those who don't know a DIP is a diploma program for a farmer to be, still not to sure about that, one of those accepted things here at MAC.

Had ice cream tonight, bad idea, I shall soon be giving birth to quints, ah hem thank u very much.

Ok off to bedfershire for me
early am to what else party with the lab books.

Ta ra

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