Sunday, December 07, 2003

Library News

So I think there is now a permanent butt grove in this one seat in the library, since I have been here so long. Today I got here at around 2:30 and it is now about 6:30 and I will be back here tomorrow.
I have finished for this evening, and I am just having a little update, MSNing Allison who is on the computer almost right next to me, and then I heard this noise, a whirring almost, I thought I had done something wrong to one of the new computers here in the lib. nope it was my mobile (tee hee) and twas Po Po on the phone seeing what time I wanted to watch the all time best show at the mo' Alias.

I think I scratched myself while opening the velcro pocket.

Mmmmmm I am getting hungry, time to go back and eat, what else my taters thats all I've had today I think i might make brownies as tonight WILL will be on ALIAS

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