Monday, December 15, 2003


It's that wonderous white stuff, and there is so much out there that I went to work this am with my dad, the roads were a mess I think the plow might have been over them once?! I hear that the TCH is a mess. Then the boss called in and said if you wanted to go home, you could. I found some one who would give me a ride home into Flo, then the boss called again, said there was a change of plans, I though for sure he was going to say, nope, dont go home, stay and work, but no he was all GO HOME. It is really bad out there, so its not even 10 yet and I've put in a good day of work, I had a coffee chated with the co workers then came home, if only every day was like that ;)
Just want to say Good Luck to Jen today, she has an exam I beleive, I saw an add on TLC and this is not a good thing. Starting in Janurary on TLC all our fav shows are going to be on, are you ready WEDNESDAY, oh I hope that they will still be on the weekend some time, but WEDNESDAY that means What not to wear, and Date Patrol are both on WED and we had it all nicely spread out, this is not fair.

Went to Fredericton on the weekend, saw a play, went back to some friends of my parents house, had some beer and food, always a good thing, It still seems weird when your mom or dad askes, do you want a beer?! But then when I think about it, nahh its kinda normal in my house, lol

And why is it, that my little brother takes 45min in the bathroom?! Im just glad he gets up an hour before me.

Oh here is some exciting news, I put the Xmas tree up all by myself this year, I dug it out of the basement, it was quite high up for some reason, I dont know why my dad doesn't keep it near the floor, it was quite heavy.
Yea we have a fake one, and all I can say is finally, I mean you dont have to water, you dont have to vaccum it, and there is no smell that makes you sneeze all the time, and there are no breathing problems.

Goal for next weekend is to get it decorated.

Other than that all uneventful.

Good luck to the orphans of Laird Hall orphanage, Almost there

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