Saturday, December 06, 2003

8:30 Sat AM Calls

Don't you just love it when you don't get to bed till oh I don't know 2:30 and then you get a wake up call at 8:30am when you have the chance to sleep in. Frankly it just throws the whole day off balance.

Ok got that out of the system. I am now listening to Core Fresh Hits for the UK, mmm Scarborough might be looking like a reality. It's that wonderful when that happens?

Went out for dinner last night with J and S. Pizza Anngalic, was very good, I dont know but lately all I have wanted to eat has been big salads, with lots of green and pepper.

This mouse touch pad is acting all psyco. Jumping all over the place.
Oh would you mind.....Pass that Dutch.

Crazy wind, or as S mentioned could we really be in a reality show? How interesting would that be? The Life and Times of Laird hall, we'll just have to do somthing to make it more interesting. That's it mai tais for everyone, whatever that is.

I tend to get into a ramble
oh right there was a point I wanted to make, shortly after my 8:30 wake up call, there was a 9am knock on the door, goodness give a girl a chance to wake up and get dressed. One does not need to see the holy night shirt. It was some one no names will be mentioned ok lets call this person Miss Point to Make ok MPTM she wanted a freakin recipe for my busicuts, I should make a freakin book and just sell it, how to cook in Laird and Impress People at the same time. J Unit can take pictures of the food, Big S can set the shot up (mmmm just thinking about the meal event pictures) and everyone else can eat it wait Tennis Toe can do makeup and Lil' S can pose eating the food.

Ok there is some weird noises going on outside, I dont want to know, TMI.

mmmmm that should be long enough, let me know what you think about the book idea
I tell ya it would be a best seller

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