Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Ok well this appears to be up and running. Feeling a bit better about the presentation tomorrow, however I know that I will talk fast, is there a possible cure? Thanks tennis toe and officer radman for the listen!!

You can only pratice so much until you lose your voice, or annoy your neighbours, oh heck even both. Ahhh the joys of living in res. especially good ole Ste Annes. I made an attempt of ironing my pants and shirt, but they still seem a bit messy, I'll have to get my Dad to finally teach me the proper way, it looks tricky, and the ironing board here is a funny color I dont know how much I really trust it.

Ahh only 30 days left untill I go home to Florenceville population 700. But I miss my room, and real food, I noticed today that I'm not really getting a lot of fruit only OJ, could this be why I am loseing all my hair, I should save it and make it into a wig for a certain hair challanged friend, or so she claims.

Love Actually is in the theaters, I would like to see it, I need that feel good pick me up movie, plus it has all my favorite Brit actors, mmmmm Colin Firth.... nuff said.
With my luck it will still be playing in Woodstock when I get home.
Also really want to see Kill Bill

RIght well it's official I have a sleeping problem, might be due to the large amounts of tea and coffee I have every day. Also Aunt Sue's cookies are almost all gone, this is not a good thing, for 1)I want them to last for exams 2)that means i ate them eppp!
Ok Must try to sleep, I am listening to the soundtrack for Final Fantasy, its nice piano, I haven't seen the movie but I really like the CD, thanks Dawn.
Again how delish is Aston Kutcher? Could Punk'd be any funnier, and those sunglasses, oh dear.
ok nite

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