Saturday, January 03, 2004

New Year, New Term, New Me??

Well tonight is my last night home for a little while, we leave tomorrow and will hopefully have clear roads all the way to the island.
There is so much that I still have to get done, and to top it all off, the Boss is taking all of the PPTC (Potato Processing Technology Center) out for dinner at the swanky Sheriff Winslow house, I plan on getting the steak, mmmm should be good, I can't wait, from now untill 6 I shall not eat as to have maximum eatage tonight, is eatage even a word I wonder?

I also still have to pack, and then thankfully I dont have class on Monday untill 2:30 downtown, I can't beleive how nervous I am, I'll be like the country mouse in the city.

Right must go help pack the tree up.

Get ready for the big BEACH PARTY at the Ceildh, woot, Vanilla vodka and OJ dont forget your leis

I'm out the kettle is blowing

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