Thursday, July 15, 2004

Site Meter and Cry, more so not crying

Ok so this site meter is starting to bother me, just becuase I am nosey and I want to know who is looking at my site, lol I figure it's mostly me checking to see what number the dam thing is at only to have it go up another 2.
Went to see the Notebook tonight in Woodstock. It was filled, with lots of white haired old ladies and twenty somthings and there in between, there were only 5 men, yes we counted, to pass the time, and I had been told, bring klenex, and me Miss Crying Queen for everything, didn't shed a tear, I didn't even get misty eyed. I knew I should be goodness everyone arround me was, and I really liked the movie, Ryan Gossling was great, a different role from Sean and Breaker High and the Young Hurc on Fox, but still, to which when I told someone that I didn't cry, that oh well you must just be dead inside like Chandler from friends.
Which made me think, why is it that we all have to cry or laugh or what ever at a movie, I mean there are soo many out there, so many different types, it isn't wrong to like different ones, I mean how boring would that be?

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