Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The calm before the storm

Well I know that I have been that current with my postings and I do apologize. Right now I just feel like jumping on top of my little unsturdy table that I work on here, and yell at the top of my lungs and see if anyone notices me. With all these people telling me how busy they are and they don't have time, you'd think they could find a task for me to do. This whole month has basically been too quite. I have far too much free time. You'd think that would be a good thing, but I just know that there is something coming, what it is I don't know.

I am thinking of making the trip to Montreal the weekend after the long weekend. That would be nice, fun to see everyone, go out for good food, do a little shopping. Then in the winter time I am looking at going to London, England for a tour. Just a nice vaca to get away.

Things at home are crazy as ever. Guinness is a joy and blessing, who would have thought that a dog could bring so much love into ones life. I always thought those "dog people" were nuts. Well let me be the first to admit I was wrong! She is the cutest thing, and it's hard to stay angry at her when she looks at you and tilts her head. You just want to pick her up and give her a hug.

More later, just had a sudden burst of I need to type something. I am sure there will be more to follow

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