Thursday, August 25, 2005


Talk about major flash backs. I was in the dollar store the other night, when I saw the candy isle. Bottlecaps were the first thing that I saw and I got them. Total impulse purchase. They have changed the packaging from when I was a kid, they used to be in a bag, but now they come in a roll similar to sweet tarts. I had the weirdest sensation when I opened them. The smell a lone and the memories of being 5 on a hot sunny day in Halifax going to the park and stopping in at Roger's to spend that 0.25 cents that you got for the week if you were lucky. Talk about movie playing in my head. And then I ate one, total out of body experience was transported back in time, funny how smells and tastes can do that to a person. After 17 years the taste of bottle caps hasn't changed a bit.So if anyone has Bottlecaps, and they don't like the Rootbeer ones, I'll eat them!

What sort of candies do you remember when you were little?

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