Wednesday, April 14, 2004

AHHH I Can't Avoid Noise

I have given up all hope in finding a quite place to study. And ewwww, I am in the library right now in the small computer room, and some one just passed some major gas, it REEKS in here, secondly l came here for some nice quite time to study, it's driving me nuts, but from some where I can hear crazy ass rock music blaring, scary thing was I was able to recognize some of it, I think it was Queens of the Stone Age but I'm not too sure, and I have looked all over the place to find it, but I can't it sounds like it is coming through the walls, I think it might be from the labs that are in the basement.

I just hope this wont continue.

I will do a weekend update later on, I just wanted to warn y'all avoid the computer room in the library when there is a bad smell stays a while, I gotta leave~~

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