Sunday, April 11, 2004

Happy Easter

A very Happy Easter everyone.

In the mist of studying for finals, I have camped out in the library and can be reached there if you need me. It's really nice out today, Lil S and I went to church this am, thank you for letting me go with you. Am not feeling well, that ache and pain you get prior to the flu would best describe my conditions. Drinking lots of tea, green tea thanks to Dawn. Also getting lots of Vit C from my OJ and sweet potatos mmm
Made some excellent brownies a few nights ago, mmm chocolate.
Congrats to Jen for making it through lent sans junk food! Bravo.
Went to the last Ceildh on Thurs. it was DEAD, talked to some, well more so listened to a guy that had the gift of gab, goodness gracious.

Wow I have had >100 visitors here, yea lol wondering how many of them are actually me, lol
Ok I've got to finish laundry and then off to la biblio.

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