Tuesday, April 06, 2004


Good Luck everyone on your finals, I have faith in all of ya!

I made sum interesting dumplings today, but I think I ate a bit too many of them. I can't beleive that there are only 4 more days of classes left, this is my last Winter term here in Montreal, then I'M OUTTA HERE!! mm can you hear the excitment in that caps shout?! I sure hope so because I mean it.

It snowed the other night, snow in April, after it had all gone away, sigh oh well that's what you get for living in Canada, well east coast of Canada.

Found a great radio station online, Radio 1 from the BBC, it's really quite neat because you can pick the show you want to listen to or you can listen to the live show, so if they had a show on while you were asleep but want to listen to it now, well ya can. Neat eh?

Had a fun time at the bday party last weekend, mm speaking of bdays some one's is coming up. That's right I'm talking about you Ms Queen of Falling ;)

Ok Must get some studying done to night, oh another acomplishment, got most of my dishes done round of applause thank you thank you, I couldn't have done it with out my soap, and sponge and towel, oh and the sink, you like me you really like me

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