Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Cover Up??

Now whats going on in the city of lights. For all of you out there who read Dan Brown's The Davinci's Code might find this interesting makes one wonder, I swear after reading that book, you see the signs every where!

Also, the numbers on my floor are really getting low, there are only 5 of us left now, I feel so all alone, studying well I might add as well as packing, I think I might have cut the crap down this year. Wont the parental units be pleased.

For all of you back home in la la land, ohhhh are you lucky, mind you I got to talk to G today seems like we are going to be getting new winders on this side of the Crap Hall. About freaking time.

Went to Stereo over the weekend, which is an after hours club thing, meh not really my sorta thing, gosh my knees hurt, I think I might be getting ass ritus as my grandfather likes to call it.

Went to talk to Supervisor today about research project, looks like it is a go, also he ran into some one from home, which just shows what a small world we live in, err not, as the Food Industry is small enough as it is, especially in Canada, but what ever.

Called Bell today to get my phone "suspended" which means I will for once have the same phone number, and will save a whopping $5 on installation. But my service today, OVER the top nice, and chatty too, " oh you're from NB, that's why you sound different, I've a brother there, he loves it there, really nice people" That's right all we people who come from the Maritimes are super nice and have a funny accent. greaat.
I mean dont get me wrong I'd rather have the super nice than the mean, but when they call me Miss Flan, I can't help but laugh, I have been cursed by a difficult name, which really shouldn't be that hard to pronounce.

Right, what I would do for a Guinness right about now, ahhh, God Bless me Da, I know he's got the mini stocked with them waiting for my return.


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